Nlta Collective Agreement Salary

April 11th, 2021 by

The preliminary agreement the Telegram received Wednesday contains a Memorandum of Understanding between the province and the LNTA, which states that the province “will not announce mass layoffs of teachers to make provincial budget cuts.” “It was felt that this was the best possible agreement in this economic context,” said Dean Ingram, president of the LNTA. Teachers in Newfoundland and Labrador voted in favour of a new collective agreement with the state government. “We will create a collective agreements committee in the coming months that will allow our members to inform us of what they want in the next round of negotiations,” Ingram said. A Sidebar letter immediately after the clause states that the No. Layoff clause applies only to the current interim contract and does not apply to future collective agreements. Although the new treaty has been ratified, it expires next year, with each contract in force for four years from the end date of the previous treaty. Redundancy pay is also being abolished for teachers across the province, including under the NAPE agreement. An interim agreement was reached in January, but Ingram and Osborne were close to the details. “We continue to secure collective agreements that improve our fiscal position while recognizing the significant contributions of our public service employees,” Finance Minister Tom Osborne said in a press release. Under section 33 of the contract, each teacher with at least one year of service will receive severance pay that he has accumulated to date. Once severance pay is paid, no teacher is accepted in the province. In addition, for the duration of the extended agreement until August 2020, there is no change in the salary range for substitute or full-time teachers.

A similar provision was controversial last year under the Public and Private Workers Association (NAPE) treaty. The initial concerns were that the clause had been transformed, but it was later revealed that the no-layoff clause for NAPE only applies to the current agreement. Ingram said changes in severance pay have also been reflected in other recent public service negotiations. The NLTA and the Ministry of Finance rejected requests for an interview regarding the interim agreement, but agreed to speak as soon as the agreement was ratified by LNTA members. The first ratification vote is expected on 26 February. The duration of the school year is also reduced by two days to a total of 185 days of classes. One of the days is provided for teachers to draw up report cards, while a fourth day of professional development has been included in the school calendar.

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